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Brown Family

Family History

Family History

Here is our entire family history.

These ancestral Family connections cover a period of Eleven hundred and fifty years. (Gallup)

A distinguished race of people

1. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, Born, A.D. 742, (Died 814) married Hildegarde, third wife and had -

2. Louis I. King of France; married Judieth, the Fair, and had -

3. Charles II, King of France; married Ermantrudis, and had -

4. Louis II, King of France; married Adeheid, and had -

5. Charles III, King of France; married Princess Edgiva, granddaughter of Alfred the Great, King of England and had -

6. Louis IV, King of France; married, A.D.939, Princess Gerberga De Saxe, daughter of Henry the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, and had -

7. Charles, Duke of Lorraine, eldest son, excluded from the throne of France, married; First Borne, daughter of Godecoi d'Aedenne, and had -

8. Gerberga, Countess of Lorraine, who married Lambert I, Count of Mous and had -

9. Lambert II, Count of Mous, who married Ode, daughter of Gothelon, Count of Lorraine, son of Duke Charles, son of Louis IV, and had -

10. Henry II, Duke of Bradrant: married Adela of Thuringia and had -

11. Godfred I, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Brabrant, and Lother; married Ida, daughter of Albert, third Count de Namur; also married Sophia, daughter of Henry IV, Emperor of Germany; his daughter -

12. Adelicia, the Fair Maid of Brabrant, second wife and widow of Henry I, King of England, who married second William d'Albini, Earl of Sussex and Arundel, and had -

13. William,- Second Easl of Arundel, who married Maud St. Helliario, widow of Roger de Clare, Earl of Hetford, and had-

14. William, Third Earl of Arundel and Earl of Sussex, who married Mabili de Meschines, daughter of Hugh de Cynelisk, (Wales) Fifth Earl of Chester, and had -

15. Lady Mabel d'Albini, who married Robert de Tatteshall, and had -

16. Emme de Tatteshall, who married Osbert de Cailly, son of Adam de Cailly, Lord of the Court Manor, and had -

17. Sir Hugh de Cailly, Lord of Oroby Manor, who married Agnes, daughter of Hamo de Hamsted, and had -

18. Sir William de Cailly, Lord of Oroby Manor, who married Catherine _________, and had -

19. John de Cailly, Lord of Oroby Manor, High Sheriff of Norfold and Suffolk, who married Maud, and had -

20. John Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had -

21. William Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had -

22. Jennett Cayley, sole heir, who married John Lake, Lord of the Manor of Normanton, and had -

23. John Lake of Normanton, who married Jane, daughter of Robert Drakes of Yorkshire, and had -

24. John Lake of Normanton, who had -

25. Lancelot Lake of Normanton, who married Margaret, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Twisleton, and had -

26. John Lake of Normanton, who married Catherine, daughter of John Pecke of Wakefield, and had -

27. Lancelot Lake of Normanton, who married Emma, daughter of Robert Northend of Halifax, Yorkshire, and had -

28. John Lake of Erby, Linconshire; who married ___________ Orgarby, and had -

29. Richard Lake of Erby, who married secondly, Anne, Morelly of Claxby, Linconshire, by whom he had -

30. John Lake of Erby, who married Margaret, daughter of Colonel Edmund Read of Wickford Essex, and had -

31. Hannah Lake, who married Capt. John Gallup Jr. of Stonington Conn. And had -

32. Benadam Gallup, who married Esther Prentice by whom he had -

33. Mercy Gallup, who married William Denison who had-

34. Esther Denison, who married Jonathan Wheeler, who had -

35. Prudence Wheeler, who married Joshua Holmes who had-

36. Prudence Holmes, who married Beebe Denison who had Mary (the eleventh child) -

37. Mary Denison married Daniel White who had

38. James Paul White (05/03/1835) married Abigail E. Kaple on 01/26/1862 and had

39. Mary White (08/16/1866-06/05/1934) married Frank Burton Easton (07/23/1867-02/21/1947), on July 4,1887. They had four children:
Lottie May Easton (05/01/1891-10/10/1894)
Walter Leon Easton (02/05/1896-04/18/1952)
Alice Minerva Easton (05/06/1899-( )
Richard Orion Easton (04/05/1903-( )

40. Alice Minerva Easton (05/06/1899-02/22/1981)daughter of F.Burton & Mary White Easton married Frank Elroy Brown (11/218/1898-03/05/1979) on May 7, 1921. They had six children:
Elroy Burton Brown (02/26/1923-05/25/1999)
Elva Bernita Brown (01/04/1925-12/12/1993
Eleanor Ruth Brown (03/17/1928
Sara Mary Brown (03/30/1930)
Stuart Philip Brown (03/30/1930-10/19/2003)
Alice Jean Brown (10/06/1933)


First Known Simeon Brown, Sr. (1802-1878)
Married Mary Washburn (1802-1850)
Marriage date unknown
Simeon (1822-1904)
Ira (1824-1901)
John (1826-
Charles (1833-1919)
Mary Ann (1836-?)
Eliza (1840-?)
Julia (1846-?)

Simeon Married Nancy Bunnell (1821-1878)
Marriage date unknown
Milan (1843-?)
William Henry (1847-1915)
Sarah (1850-1921)
Andrew (1855-?)

William Henry Married Jennie McElroy (1851-1915)
Marriage date unknown
Cora (1871-1950)
Etta (1876-?)
Andrew (1877-1948)
Simey W. (1879-1986)
Willard (1882-?)

Andrew Married Sarah Swift (1880-1921)
Marriage date unknown
Frank (1898-3/5/1979)
Richard (1900-1977)
Ruth (1908-1987)
Harold (1910-1986)
Lewis (1913-?)
Robert (1918-?)

Frank Married Alice Easton (1899-2/22/1981)
Marriage date 05/07/1921
Elroy Burton (02/26/1923)
Elva Bernita (01/04/1925)-(1993)
Eleanor Ruth (03/17/1928)
Sara Mary (03/30/1930)
Stuart Philip (03/30/1930)-(2004)
Alice Jean (10/06/1933)

Descendents of Frank Elroy Brown and Alice Minerva Easton:

Elroy Burton Married Laura Jean Hawks(07/14/30-01/14/93) on 07/24/1948 and divorced in 1972.
He remarried Nellie Taylor 5/17/25 on 12/24/79
Children of Elroy and Laura:
Carol Ann (04/16/1949)
Philip Elroy (09/25/1950)
Robert Frank (12/31/1961)
Mary Isabelle (08/23/1966)

Carol Ann Brown Married Roger D. Thornley (12/24/1979)
Roger has daughter Mary Ann ( )

Philip Elroy Brown Married Cheryl A. Carey 05/01/1970 Divorced ( )
Married Connie
Children of Philip Brown and Cheryl A. Carey:
Sean William Brown (04/04/71-06/24/05)
Timothy Philip (02/14/1973)
Kevin Robert (11/27/1975)
Heather Marie (10/24/78)

Robert Frank married Debra Lee Anderson 7/15/83 Divorced ( )
Children of Robert and Debra:
Nicole Lee ( 1984)
Shannon Jean (5/21/86)

Mary Isabelle married Edward Manning 5/21/87 Divorced ( )
Katlin Laura ( )

Sean William married ________________ on_______________
Children of Sean & ___________________
Cassandra ( )
Shane (________)

Timothy son of Philip and Cheryl married_____________________ on ____________________.
Children of Timothy and

Kevin son of Philip and Cheryl married _______________________on _____________________
Children of Kevin and

Heather daughter of Philip and Cheryl married _________________Kio On________________
Children of Heather and __________________

Elva Bernita Brown daughter of Frank & Alice Easton Brown born 1/4/25 married Neal Radice on 7/16/47.
Children of Elva and Neal Radice:
Neal Michael Radice, Jr. (2/6/48)
David Allan Radice (4/23/49)
Gary Douglas Radice (4/25/50)
Susan Alice Radice (7/16/51)
Keith Lee Radice (9/12/54)
Lori Jean Radice (2/9/59)
Kevin Jon Radice (3/5/60; 7/31/61)
Jon Kevin Radice (11/22/63)

Neal Michael Radice, Jr. son of Elva Brown & Neal Radice married Joyce Ann McMahon on 8/29/70. Divorced ____________ married Joyce Stillson on ________________.

David Allan Radice, son of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married Barbara Gray on 8/16/69.
Children born to David Radice and Barbara:
Dawn Marie Radice (6/2/70)
Tammy Barbara Radice (11/15/73)

Dawn Marie Radice married Robert Gifford ( ) on ______________
Children born to Dawn Radice and Robert Gifford:

Tammy Barbara Radice married ____________________ on _________
Children born to Tammy Radice and ______________

Gary Douglas Radice, son of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married Caroline Ballosh 7/2/70.
Children born to Gary Radice and Caroline Ballosh:
Brandon Radice (11/24/72)
Gary and Caroline divorced ______________
Gary Radice married Tammy Young 5/26/81
Children of Gary Radice and Tammy Young:

Susan Alice Radice daughter of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married Robert Henry Musall (1/4/29) on 6/23/76.
Children of Susan Radice and Robert Musall:
Kathryn Elva Musall (6/30/77)
Kara Violet Musall (8/20/78)
Emily Lori Musall (5/19/80)
Sara Alice Musall (1/3/82)

Kara Violet Musall daughter of Susan Radice and Robert Musall married Michael John Czechowicz (3/7/77) on 9/22/00
Children of Kara Musall and Michael Czechowicz:
Ainsley Jean Czechowicz (9/25/04)

Emily Lori Musall daughter of Susan Radice and Robert Musall married Justin Bernard Fronckowiak (4/25/79) on 7/19/03.

Keith Lee Radice son of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married LuAnn Mary Snyder on 11/28/81.
Children of Keith Radice and LuAnn Snyder:
Joseph Neal Radice (7/13/82)
Nicole ______ Radice ( )
Keith Radice and LuAnn Snyder divorced _____________
Keith Radice married Tracy ________________ on___________
Children to Keith Radice and Tracy______________
__________________________( )
___________________________( )

Lori Jean Radice daughter of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married John E. Kinnin 5/28/82; divorced 4/19/85.
Lori Jean Radice married Thomas F. Daniel 9/30/89.
Children of Lori Radice and Thomas Daniel:
Carly Nicole Daniel (11/10/92)
Kirk Thomas Daniel (7/27/96)
Lori Radice and Thomas F. Daniel divorced 1/14/05.

Jon Radice son of Elva Brown and Neal Radice married Deborah Leigh Schaefer (3/27/65) on 9/3/94
Children of Jon Radice and Deborah Schaefer:
Jon David Radice (12/6/99)
Benjamin James Radice (11/6/02)

Eleanor Ruth Brown married William George Smith (10/18/27, 3/10/98) on 10/14/50
Their children:
Lawrence William Smith (12/01/53)
Debra Sue Smith (5/26/56)
Russell Alex Smith (2/28/63)
Amy Jean Smith (11/2/65)

Lawrence son of Eleanor Brown and William Smith married Roseanne Baylor 04/15/78
Carrie Sue Smith (9/29/80)
Divorced 8/82
Lawrence married Sharon Ann Raines (09/24/82)
Children born to Lawrence and Sharon
Daniel Stuart Smith (05/16/83)
Philip Alan Smith (04/08/86)

Carrie Sue son of Lawrence Smith and Roseanne Baylor
Married Charles Nusbickel ( ) on 04/01/06

Debra Sue Smith married James Cain (07/28/50) on 09/04/79
Children born to Debra and James:
Brian William Cain (12/06/85)
Nathan James Cain (11/06/90)

Russell Alex Smith married Theresa Marie Brown ( ) on 02/13/87
Children born to Russell and Theresa:
Russell James Smith (05/10/87)
Angela Denise Smith (02/03/89)
Divorced 02/10/00

Amy Jean Smith married Leon Dewe ( ) on 08/17/85
Children of Amy and Leon:
Steven Lee Dewe (05/09/85)
Courtney Elaine Dewe (07/15/89)

Sara Mary Brown married William Foster Campbell(4/12/32) on 01/22/55.
Adopted Children:
Scott William Campbell (11/23/62)
Lisa Jane Campbell (12/31/65)

Scott W.Campbell son of Sara Brown and William Campbell married Alma Adams ( ) on 11/26/88.
Their children:
Alma Brynn Campbell (01/19/90)
Emily Jean Scott Campbell (06/28/91)
Scott and Alma divorced 1997
Scott W. Campbell married Kelly Anderson (1/28/ ) on 12/15/88. Kelly has daughter Candace 10/24/90.

Lisa Jane Campbell, daughter of Sara Brown and William F. Campbell married Kenneth Tidwell (11/17/66) on 6/16/93.
Children of Lisa Jane Campbell and Kenneth Tidwell:
Tyler Nickholas Lee Campbell (11/16/96)
Mallory Renee Jane Campbell (7/6/98)
Megan Elizabeth Ann (11/30/02)

Stuart Philip Brown, son of Frank E. Brown and Alice Easton Brown married Kay ______ Bennett (05/01/38) on 08/25/56. Divorced.
Patricia Ellen Brown (06/20/57)
Gregory Alan Brown (09/26/58)
Thomas Stuart Brown (11/24/60)
Wendy Kay Brown (12/16/61)
Stuart Brown married Margarite French (09/01/ ) on 11/22/73.
Margarite French's children:
Richard David French (07/19/63)
Darlene _____ French (11/24/64)
Shane _______French (12/16/67)
John _______French (07/16/70)
Daughter of Stuart Brown and Margarite French:
Rebecca _________ Brown (09/21/72)

Patricia Ellen Brown daughter of Stuart Brown and Kay Bennett married Lanny Monroe Clark (01/19/54) on 10/25/75.
Benjamin Stuart Monroe Clark (07/19/77)
Joel Patrick Clark (07/12/80)

Benjamin Clark son of Patricia Brown and Lanny Clark. Married Jennifer Jean Hulme (01/07/75) on 10/14/06

Gregory Alan Brown, son of Stuart Brown and Kay Bennett married Katherine Haywood (07/19/62) on 07/28/79.
Audrey Ruth Brown (08/15/80)
Carrie Ann Brown (09/02/82)
Monica Marie Brown (09/15/85)

Audrey Ruth Brown, daughter of Gregory Brown and Katherine Haywood Married ___________________( ) on __________

Thomas Stuart Brown, son of Stuart Brown and Kay Bennett, married Shelah ________ ( ) on _________. Divorced.
Brandy Nicole (11/30/81)

Brandy Nicole, daughter of Thomas Brown and Shelah______ married ____________________ ( ) on ________.
_________________________( )
_________________________( )

Wendy Kay Brown,daughter of Stuart Brown and Kay Bennett married Peter Byrd ( ) on 03/21/87) Divorced
Kristalyn Kay Byrd (04/23/89)

Rebecca Brown, daughter of Stuart Brown and Margarite French married Jamie Dorchester ( ) on _____________ Divorced
Justin Stuart Dorchester (08/12/94)
Rebecca Brown married Michael J. Teeter ( ) on 03/25/03.
__________________________( )
__________________________( )

Alice Jean Brown, daughter of Frank E. Brown and Alice Easton Brown, married Doy Murdock Cole (11/10/24) on 04/02/66.
Douglas Monroe Cole (10/15/66)
Holly Ann Cole (03/27/69)
Donald Frank Cole (08/20/70)

Douglas Monroe Cole, son of Jean Brown and Doy M. Cole,
Married Deana L. Bakowski (03/ /68) on 08/28/04.

Donald Frank Cole, son of Jean Brown and Doy M. Cole,
Married Christina Gail Huber (11/10/74) on 07/27/02)
Ryan Thomas Cole (03/17/04)